How self-deprivation can lead to guilt & misery!

How self-deprivation can lead to guilt & misery!

Research shows that spoiling yourself is good for your health. David Warburton is Professor of psychopharmacology and founder of the Association for Research into the Science of Enjoyment (ARISE).

Warburton has conducted extensive medical research on the importance of pleasure in fostering good health and well-being. After years of rigorous scientific research, the group came to the conclusion that a little self-indulgence is highly beneficial for you!

Furthermore, scientists at various universities have shown that enjoyment - even in small doses - can boost the body's immune system for hours while self-deprivation can lead to guilt and misery, which depresses our immune system. Therefore, more spoiling equals improved health. Now that’s healthcare advancement.

So indulge a little. Reward yourself at the end of a long work week or after the completion of a big project. After all, you deserve it! Spoil yourself with a gift from your wishlist. Enjoy a day of pampering at the spa. Treat yourself to a delicious gourmet dinner. It won’t hurt to splurge, on yourself or even someone else, every once in a while.

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