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Did you know makeup brushes can harbor more bacteria than your toilet brush? Well, now theirs finally a solution to a quick and convenient way to keep your cosmetic brushes clean. The Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner not only cleanses your brushes, but it also dries them so you don't have to wait long to re-use.  Very easy to use and mess-free. 


  1. Install the two AAA batteries (not included);
  2. Add water and your choice of cleaning solution to the Bowl;
  3. First, wet the foundation brush, and then keep pressing the switch;
  4. After cleaning 1-2 minutes can be removed.

With quick, automatic spinning, it removes all the dirt gathered by the brush then dries them for the next use in seconds!

Bacteria from your brushes can lead to breakouts, infections, and acne. 
Easily and quickly clean and dry your makeup brush with this cleaner!


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