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Have you ever felt like you’re moving through life without any purpose or direction?  The Spoiled Self Development Kit was designed to help you answer your life's most important questions. You will get to know your strength and weaknesses to build a stronger character. You will awaken new possibilities within yourself to reach your highest potential.

Material Contains
  • ABOUT ME: Choose Your spirit name, list your mission & vision to connect with your purpose.
  • ROUTINE: Create your personalized daily routine to manage your time, organize your life & get focused!
  • TASK: Schedule your development task list to complete.
  • LIFE QUESTIONS: Key questions about life to help you gain more clarity.
  • LIFE VISION: List all areas to improve in your life through visualization.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS: Take a complete inventory of all your accomplishments to remind yourself of what you're capable of.
  • GOALS: List 100 goals you plan to achieve during your life, big or small.
  • GOOD HABITS: Write good habits list to start. Weakness which prevent you from keeping & your motivation.
  • NEW SKILL: Create a list of skills to learn, the method you’ll use & resource required.
  • PASSION: Get to know everything you're passionate about and find ways to help pursue them.
  • SWOT ANALYSIS: Know your personal strength, weakness, opportunities & threats.
  • BOOK CLUB: Create a book list to read, write the lessons you've learned and how to apply them in your life.
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Anytime time a negative thought enters your mind fill it in & replace it with an affirmation.
  • BUCKET LIST: Write 100 list of things you will do before you die, save them & check them off.
  • GRATITUDE JOURNAL: Keep a record of everything you're grateful for & read them when you're feeling low to see how blessed you are.
  • AFFIRMATIONS: Create positive statements to adjust your perspective when in doubt.
  • QUOTES: Start collecting a list of all your favorite quotes to save in all areas of your life.
  • MY TEAM: Find a life coach, identify your mentors, friends & advisors you can turn to for support, to help you grow and to keep you accountable.
Product Instructions
This is a digital product, you will receive a link to copy on to your own Google Drive after your purchase. Your Spoiled kit will be in google spreadsheet format only. No physical product will be shipped. We also provide lifetime updates with each Kit purchase.  
Generally we do not offer refunds due to the digital nature of this product, however an exception may be made in rare instances. If there are no errors, but you are unsatisfied for any other reason, please contact us. We will do everything we can to make you happy.
Term Of Use & Copyright
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