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Yoni Kegel Exercise

Yoni Kegel Exercise

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This set includes 3 genuine rose quartz yoni eggs, each manually carved and polished to perfection without any chemical treatment or dyeing. Each egg is pre-drilled for smooth and easy use during kegel exercises. The set also comes with a massage stick for additional benefits and versatility. Not only can it help train pelvic floor muscles, but it can also be used for massage on the face and body, as a beautiful decoration, or for spiritual purposes such as crystal healing. With its ability to improve blood circulation and relax tense muscles after exercise, this set is perfect for all levels of users looking to tighten and heal with crystal energy.

  • 4Pcs Set Jade Yoni Eggs Stick,3 Pcs Drilled Natural Obsidian Quartz Crystal Jade Eggs Massage Stone + 1 Pcs Massage Stick for Women Kegel Exercise Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

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