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Painting Storage Box

Painting Storage Box

Spoil Me ®

This set includes Diamond Painting Storage Boxes with 60 slots for bead storage, along with 5D Diamond Art Accessories and Tools Kit. The screw top ensures that the drilled diamonds stay safe and secure during movement. The spacious mesh pocket easily accommodates all your diamond painting accessories and tools. And with the convenient foldable silicone funnel, you can now fill your diamonds without any spills or mess. This kit is designed to make your diamond painting experience easier, more organized, and hassle-free. It even comes with an additional diamond painting pen and 64 customizable labels for color-coding and easy retrieval. Say goodbye to messy transfers and hello to effortless diamond painting!

Package includes:
1 x Diamond Painting Storage Case
60 x Container (Diamonds not included)
4 x Diamond painting pen
10 x Diamond painting glue
1 x Diamond painting fix tool
1 x Silicone funnel
2 x Diamond painting tray
20 x OPP bag
1 x Tweezers

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