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Garden Shed Steel

Garden Shed Steel

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Outdoor Storage Shed 5 x 3 FT Lockable Metal Garden Shed Steel Anti-Corrosion Storage House with Single Lockable Door for Backyard Outdoor Patio


  • The whole house is a steel frame structure, the metal garden storage shed adopts electro-galvanized steel process and paint treatment, which is suitable for various climates, without worrying about the metal rusting, the all-metal storage shed will not be deformed by the sun, and has excellent moisture-proof performance.
  • What you receive is not only a 5 x 3 ft (61 x 34.3 x 71 inches)metal garden storage shed, but an open and uncluttered garden. 67 cubic feet of storage to store garden tools like shovels, lawn mowers, ladders, or outdoor items like bikes, tents to keep your garden organized.
  • Doors are 61.2" high and lockable to prevent loss of belongings when placed outside. The grey storage house blends well with the plants in your garden, You can easily install it in your garden, backyard and patio.

Details: Discover the magic of the 5 x 3 ft Devoko Outdoor Storage Shed. This metal garden storage shed will transform your cluttered yard into a tidy and organized oasis. With its ability to hold all of your gardening tools and outdoor essentials, it frees up space for entertaining and bringing joy to your outdoor space. With a large 67 cubic feet of storage capacity, this shed is a must-have for any gardener or outdoor enthusiast.

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