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Diatonic Blues Harmonica

Diatonic Blues Harmonica

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This harmonica is perfectly sized with 10 holes and fully closed ends, making it easy to carry and a breeze to learn. Its versatility allows you to play various genres such as Blues, Folk, Rock, Country, and Jazz. Ideal for outdoor activities like parties, performances, and travel, this harmonica is a must-have for any music lover. Beginners and intermediate players will appreciate its friendly design and sweet, pure sound. The airtight and responsive reed plate, electroplated for anti-rust protection, ensures better tone precision. With a 1.2mm thicken reed plate, it offers superior hermeticity and higher tone precision compared to the regular 0.9mm version. The high-grade non-toxic ABS combs, molded in one piece, make it waterproof and durable. Experience a great sound and comfortable playing with this carefully tuned and tested harmonica.

East top Harmonica, Diatonic Blues Harmonica Key of C, Blues Harp Mouth Organ Harmonica 10 Holes 008K with Blue Case, Standard Harmonica For Adults, Professionals, Beginners and Students, as a Gift 

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