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Detangling Curly Hair Brush

Detangling Curly Hair Brush

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Framar Detangling Curly Hair Brush – No More Tangles Hairbrush – Elegant Detangler brush, Hair brushes for women, Mens Hair Brush, Hair Detangle Brush, Hair Accessories For Women (Black)


  • Fantastic For All Hair Types – This brush performs perfectly with straight hair, curly hair, thin hair, thick hair, damaged hair, wigs, and even extensions! Brushing is pain-free on both WET or DRY hair with less breakage. Save your hair from coming out and ending up on the bathroom floor or in the drain!
  • Great At Removing Knots And Tangles – The brush’s flexible bristles are perfect for adults and kids with tender or sensitive scalps. The unique bristles can gently separate even the toughest of tangles without ripping, yanking or pulling. Leaves hair looking shiny and silky with less frizz. No detangler spray or treatments needed!
  • High Quality – This brush has painless soft plastic bristles that glide through hair gentler than a wide tooth comb. The bristles are long enough to massage the scalp, increasing circulation and helping healthy hair growth. The easy to use handle ensures it will never slip out of your hand.
  • Time Saver – Detangles hair in a quarter of the time compared to a regular hair brush. Makes mornings and bath time easier with no tears or screaming while brushing children's hair. Great for combing conditioners and treatments through wet hair.
  • Elegant And Unique – Available in 4 fun colors with Silver Lining. This stylish brush is the perfect addition to any purse or vanity. The beautiful design will make your clients feel like royalty!

Details: Life Changing Brush - No Matter What Your Hair Type!

Everything you've come to love from Framar's innovative hair tools, has now arrived in the form of the most unique detangling brush!

Long or short, curly or straight, thick or thin... it doesn't matter what kind of hair you have; this brush will make your hair shiny, silky and soft. How? Upon contact with hair, the flexible bristles loosen knots allowing the brush to glide through hair pain-free. This ensures the brush treats each strand in a delicate manner minimizing frizz and breakage. No comb or detangler spray needed!

The soft bristles prevent hair from ripping keeping it off your bathroom floor and out of your drain. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive and tender scalps.Make bath time and mornings easier with no screaming or tears while brushing children's hair ever again!

Why you'll never need another brush!

- Detangles with ease!
- It's pain-free!
- Works on all hair types.
- Kids love it!
- No more tears when brushing children's hair!
- Makes mornings and bath time easier
- Use on wet or dry hair.
- Can use with or without a blow dryer.
- Minimizes breakage, split ends & hair loss.
- Smoothes the cuticle layer increasing shine.
- Bristles are long enough to massage your scalp
- Promotes hair growth.
- Essential to have with your curly hair products.
- Great stocking stuffers for women!
- Fantastic hair extension brush!
- Excellent for thick hair
- Perfect addition to any vanity or purse

Say hello to your new favorite hair brush!

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