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Vertical Garden Planter

Vertical Garden Planter

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Gardyn 3.0 Hydroponics Growing System & Vertical Garden Planter | Indoor Smart Garden| Includes 30 Non-GMO Indoor Plants, Herbs & Vegetables & LED Grow Lights for Your Home Indoor Gardening System


  • New Gardyn 3.0 Features: Next-generation hydroponic growing system technology offering an unparalleled density of produce growing 30 large plants within only 2 sq. ft. using 95% less water. A re-engineered assembly process makes pure plug-n-play light bars and columns even easier with no screws & no tools needed. A fully redesigned watering system makes it a breeze to connect and disconnect the columns along with a completely re-engineered board taking durability to the next level.
  • 30 Free Plants Included: Unlock access to incredible plant varieties from our unique plant portfolio, including herbs, vegetables, fruiting plants, and flowers that have been selected for taste and nutrition. Included with your purchase, are 30 yCubes that have multiple plant seeds in rock wool for better germination with a unique selection you are sure to love (see image carousel for details). Harvest to table in less than five weeks with no soil & no mess.
  • Optimized for growing indoors: Gardyn just needs power and wifi with a 2.4 GHz frequency. No water line is required. Gardyn provides plants with everything they need to thrive, perfect lighting, and precision watering with specific nutrients. Delivery includes plant seeds, plant food, LED grow light, water tank, light timer, all accessories. It's like an indoor greenhouse kit for a regular and tiny home & kitchen.
  • Sustainable Beauty: The Gardyn Home series has been designed as a piece of natural art for any home and relies on top-quality materials, including brushed aluminum, recyclable food-grade plastics, a beautiful high quality hardwood lid made from Rubberwood, and compostable yCubes. Redesigned packaging makes Gardyn Home 3.0 fit into a single box and 100% of the packaging is made of recyclable cardboard. Better for our customers, better for the planet. Sustainability is at the heart of it.
  • Difference Maker: The only hydroponic indoor gardening system using AI technology to grow nutritious vegetables & fruits. Sign up for 30 Free days of Gardyn's AI Assistant Kelby and select up to 10 additional plants shipped to you for free. Kelby, Gardyn's advanced AI looks after the Gardyn 24/7 through multiple sensors (cameras, temperature, humidity, & water level) and provides personalized recommendations every step of the way. Kelby acts as a personal plant coach; no green thumb required.

Details: Better for You, Better for the Planet- Introducing the new generation of Gardyn, GARDYN HOME KIT 3.0 - Here at Gardyn, we’ve reimagined the future of food: sustainably grown, fresh, nutritious, and available for all. Gardyn represents an opportunity to reintroduce nature in urban habitats, to make our cities more sustainable and autonomous, to stop damaging the environment, and to rediscover the meaning of fresh, nutritious, and delicious food for all of us every day. Gardyn is decidedly setting a high bar; we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that will shape the future of food. The environment and our well-being are at stake. Hybriponic innovations developed by Gardyn along with researchers at McGill University allow plants to grow vertically without soil, tremendously changing the scale and volume at which we can grow fresh produce in the home. Thanks to artificial intelligence and constant monitoring through high-definition cameras, you’ve got an attentive gardener tending to your crops 24 hours a day. This innovative technology makes it possible for everyone to enjoy an indoor vertical garden that provides large quantities of tasty and nutritious produce that is only handled by people in your home. At Gardyn, we are pushing these innovations to the next level. We are making it possible for everyone to enjoy indoor vertical tower gardens that take care of themselves and provide for large quantities of amazingly tasty and nutritious produce. Large quantities of food grown all year round on a very small footprint (2 square feet), and hassle free! Crazy busy modern lives can ring with health, nature, and harmony. Grow Healthy, Live Tasty

Package Dimensions: 47.2 x 16.7 x 15.2 inches

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