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Granny Jo Jackets

Granny Jo Jackets

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Granny Jo Products Women’s Jackets and Coat's Large/X-Large Unisex-Adult's Fleece Cape, Wedgewood Extra, Wedgwood Blue

Brand: Granny Jo Products


  • Soft, luxurious mink fleece cape with inside pockets for wrapping yourself in soft comfort.
  • Great at home or when traveling, excellent ware robe addition to provide a warm, soft sense of
  • Size - Large & Extra Large
  • Length - 28 in.
  • Height - 36 in.

Details: Wrap Yourself in Warmth Exclusively Ours! Soft, luxurious warm blue fleece cape will keep you warm at home, while traveling, when the heat is a little too low for your comfort or the AC is turned up a little too high. This elegant flowing fleece cape covers you in fabulous warmth. Our fleece cape is perfect for unpredictable weather. Interior pockets allow you to wrap yourself in softness. Polyester; machine wash. Imported. Characteristics This blue fleece cape is made of a lightweight, warm, and soft fabric. This fleece cape has some of wool's good qualities but weighs a fraction of the lightest available woolens. Fleece garments traditionally come in different thicknesses, ours is of the highest quality- buy yours today. Trusted Retailer Granny Jo Products We believe that our products can make a difference in quality of life and we are proud to have developed this line of items to help the people we love stay active, independent, comfortable and fashionable.

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