Matcha Tea Kit 10-Pcs Set

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10-Piece Matcha Tool Set: It contains a complete set of 8 matcha-making tools and 2 measuring implements. Designed after traditional Japanese matcha utensils, this matcha kit helps make authentic Japanese matcha for matcha lovers, taking you through the elegant, traditional way of tea tasting. (This bowl and whisk set includes no green tea powder)
  • Beginner-Friendly Measuring Aids: The matcha starter set contains a stainless steel measuring spoon (1tsp/2g) and measuring glass (2oz/60ml) to help you easily get the precise powder/water ratio whether when making standard matcha flavor or exploring the unique taste to your liking. (Note: Measuring cup is not microwavable)
  • Tea Bowl with Pouring Spout: The lead-free ceramic matcha bowl ( 520ml/18.3oz) is designed with a pouring spout that prevents tea from spilling and lets you better share matcha with your family and friends. (We also equip you with a 9.05" x 12.9" waterproof tea mat so you can keep your table clean while making matcha drinks)
  • 96 Bristle Bamboo Whisk: We made our 96-bristle matcha whisks from natural, mature bamboo. It can give matcha a rich, frothy texture by fully blending matcha powder with warm water to create delectable thin matcha. (The tea whisk is consumable and needs to be replaced when necessary)
  • Exquisite Matcha Set Gift: You will have a totally immersive experience of traditional Japanese tea ceremony from the ceramic tea bowl (CHAWAN), whisk holder, scoop, and the exquisite tea whisk (CHASEN), bamboo scoop (CHASHAKU) and tea mat. It'd be a special gift for anyone who enjoys the ever-changing tea art and the refreshing aroma of matcha.