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Pure Rose Nectar

Pure Rose Nectar

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Pure Rose

Features:  - 64 Servings

Pure. 100% Natural. Organic.  Ingredients: Rose Nectar is a proprietary blend of organic Rose extract and rose oil from the super herb Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. Substantially purer and more nutrient-rich than rose water. "Born in Bulgaria. Made with love in California." Pure Rose was born out of a simple mission - to share with you the astounding health and beauty benefits of the super herb Bulgarian Rose (a.k.a. Rosa Damascena). We believe that nature has the answers when it comes to our health and that nutrition is at the core of great health and longevity. In late spring, during only three weeks per year, we handpick at dawn your roses in our rose farms in Bulgaria. Through a unique process, we immediately extract their nutrients to preserve their richness and quality. We then fly the extract to our facilities in California where we handcraft your Pure Rose Nectar. Enjoy the most pristine Rose product in the world.  Drink daily to beautify your skin, uplift your mood & boost your health. For Best Results: take 2-4 servings daily. 

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