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Red Pro Hair Therapy 2-in-1 Hair Steamer & Facial Steamer for Deep Cleaning, Designed for Personal Care at Home or Salon, Moisture Hair 6 X Effectively.


  • RED Pro Hair Therapy Steamer is the ultimate in natural moisture restoration tool for skin and hair.
  • Replenish moisture to hair and eliminate toxins from the skin for an overall healthier look right at home.
  • The host steam cap distributes hydration to dry and damaged hair cuticles and scalp. Hair treatment oils or cremes become 6Xs more effective after using the RED Pro Hair Therapy Steamer.
  • The interchangeable facial steamer attachment is included as an additional feature. It’s the best way to use your favorite skin care products to revitalize skin elasticity, replenish luminosity, restore moisture, rejuvenate pores, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines for beautifully youthful skin.