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Book of Unusual Knowledge

Book of Unusual Knowledge

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Unleash your inner curiosity with The Book of Unusual Knowledge! Packed with captivating facts and intriguing information, this must-have book is perfect for those who thirst for knowledge. With over 20 chapters covering topics such as Movies and Television, American Landmarks, Art and Literature, Animals, Earth and the Universe, Holidays, Pop Culture, the Supernatural, History, and more, you will discover a whole new world of fascinating information. This book will provide endless hours of entertainment with engaging articles, lists of factoids, and games. From the obscure to the useful, learn about radio soap operas in the 1930s, Hollywood urban legends, the origins of Route 66, odd sporting events, the Zamboni inventor, the science of "singing sand," the creation of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and even presidential pets. This hardcover book spans 704 pages and is the perfect gift for any trivia fan in your life!

Number Of Pages: 704


    Discover new information and satisfy your curious mind with The Book of Unusual Knowledge. Packed with fascinating facts on various subjects such as Movies, Art, Animals, and more. Perfect for passionate learners!

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