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Couple's Activity Book

Couple's Activity Book

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The Couple's Activity Book: 70 Interactive Games to Strengthen Your Relationship (Relationship Books for Couples)

Brand: Rockridge Press

Number Of Pages: 148

Details: Ready to strengthen your relationship? Start with a little fun Whether you're just starting your romantic adventure or celebrating years of marriage, The Couple's Activity Book can help you enhance your connection with playful, interactive games and activities. Through moments of shared laughter, physical reconnection, and meaningful conversation, you'll discover new and engaging ways to relate to one another. Feeling adventurous? Creative? Silly? Each chapter of this relationship book for couples is centered on a specific mood, so you can pick an activity that intrigues you both and jump right in, or you can work through the book together from cover to cover. The games in The Couple's Activity Book range from fun fill-in-the-blanks and word scrambles to more involved activities, like themed date nights, DIY day spas, and becoming tourists in your own hometown. Some can be done spontaneously. Others need a little preparation for a truly special experience. Unlike other relationship books for couples, the activities are designed to be carefree and entertaining without the added pressure of journaling or deep reflections. Build a stronger, loving bond with The Couple's Activity Book and have fun along the way.

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