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Cooling Cups

Cooling Cups

Indulge in the perfect whiskey experience with our Whiskey FREEZE™. After just two hours in the freezer, the proprietary cooling gel in our cups will keep your favorite spirit perfectly chilled for hours. Say goodbye to watered-down drinks and overpowering flavors. Our cups subdue the intense flavors found in cask-strength whiskey while maintaining its smoothness. Elevate your whiskey game and enjoy every sip with Whiskey FREEZE™.

  • For frozen concoctions, freeze HOST® Whiskey FREEZE™ Cooling Cups for at least two hours to keep your drink between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Whether you`re in the mood for on the rocks, an old-fashioned, or something sour, keep HOST® Whiskey FREEZE™ Cooling Cups in the freezer so they are ready to go when you are.
  • Inside the BPA-free plastic walls of HOST® Whiskey FREEZE™ Cooling Cups lies our proprietary cooling gel. This gel was precisely engineered in-house to keep any beverage at the perfect temperature for hours.
  • Each cup is constructed with an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling.
  • The set includes two HOST® Whiskey FREEZE™ Cooling Cups. Each cup can comfortably accommodate 9 ounces.
  • Handwash only.
  • For the best results, place the Whiskey FREEZE™ upside down in the freezer for 2 hours to allow the gel to spread evenly and freeze.


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